Food Review: A Bar Called Life

The swanky Villa 69 shut down, and A Bar Called Life opened up here, instead – we were invited to a review session, along with other bloggers, recently. The interiors were not as classy as Villa 69, but we like how there was ample of space to walk around, and that the place transformed into a club after 11pm. Following a philosophical approach stemming from how life changes throughout, the drinks here have fluctuating prices based on what time of evening and night it is (6-8pm, 8-9pm, 9-10pm, 10pm onward). Here’s what we tried –


Kadi Patta Mojito and Orange Mojito – If you are off alcohol, definitely opt for the Kadi Pata Mojito, which is refreshing and full of flavor!


Popping Tarbooza
– We loved the fresh watermelon garnished with peanuts, feta cheese and sauces. Light, flavourful and tasty.

Ram Laddoo 
– The ram laddoos were quite oily and average, worth a skip, for sure!

Akhrot Malai Broccoli
– Quite an interesting concept, we liked the idea of coating broccoli in malai, nuts and cheese, but we also felt if the pieces were smaller, the flavour would be richer and the broccoli would be crispier.

Burrata Kadak Roomali
– This dish was a definite winner! Crisp rumali roti, along the lines of a crisp khakra, sprinkled with masalas like a masala papad, and in the centre a nice serving of burrata cheese and tomatoes like bruschetta – totally addictive to munch on!

Main Course:

Ambarsariya Chloey Kulche
 – Now, while the chhole were yummy, the kulcha was stuffed with too much filling, which clashed with the flavor of the chhole. Perhaps, laccha parantha or plain kulcha would have been more appropriately paired. We liked the baby jamuns paired with it.

Dahi Wale Aloo – The dahi waale aloo, served with churra and kachumber, was decent, but there wasn’t anything unique about it. Perhaps try the dal makhani or sarson ka saag, which are probably more authentic, given the chef is a Punjabi!


Nolengur Ice Cream – Missing this delightful dessert from Kolkata? You can feast on some right here in Mumbai, though they haven’t gotten the recipe quite that right compared to the original source (we are craving some from Bhojohari Manna!).

Don’t forget to comment below to let us know your food and drinking experience at A Bar Called Life.

A Bar Called Life is located at 30 Janardan Matre Road, Near Chandan Police Chowki, Juhu Circle, Juhu, Mumbai.


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