Food Review: Bombay Brasserie

Pauwa Cocktails at Bombay Brasserie

Bombay Brasserie is quickly spreading around India, with branches in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore – Pune is coming up soon, too! We’re sure you must have heard a lot about their famous Pauwa Cocktails, which will offer you a multicultural high with every sip. But, do you have any idea about all the veggie offerings they have? Let’s take a look at our yay’s, nay’s and more! –


Chilli Cheese Kulcha at Bombay Brasserie

Chilli Cheese Kulcha is the one dish you have to order here – the amount of cheese packed into every mini kulcha is simply amazing and delightful.

Chatka Chhole Kulchey are a good option if you are really hungry – the chhole are well-done and rich in flavor. We personally preferred pairing the chickpeas with the crispy, layered Chur Chur Paranthas. People sure think vegetarians are in dire need of carbs and dairy, because most of the veggie options on the menu do fall into these categories, speaking of which, Amritsari Aloo Kulcha is another safe and sound option, especially if you love butter.

Chatka Chhole Kulchey at Bombay Brasserie

There are lots of dessert options that caught our attention, too, including Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich and Anglo-Indian Bread Pudding.

If you are in the mood for some High Chai, a curation of chaats, toasties, pao pairings and more will provide you with fuel to get through the rest of your evening.


Aam Papad Paneer at Bombay Brasserie

The paneer component of the Aam Papad Paneer dish was a bit off in its texture, tasting a bit too chewy for our liking. And, the Parda Sabz Biryani had a bit too much going on for any flavour to really cut through and stand out.

A meal for two, with alcohol, costs approximately Rs. 1,800 (plus the much-dreaded GST).

Address: Villa 12-A, Lotus Cinema Building, Opposite Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai


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