Review: Travelers Cafe/La Casita (Pondicherry)

venue_la casita

For the next three weeks, The Mumbai Veggie is checking out the veggie food scene in Pondicherry, and we found a pretty cool cafe for all your traveling Mumbaikars called Travelers Cafe which is located at the roof top terrace of a very happening dance studio, La Casita. The brainchild of talented chef and dance instructor Kash D. Timmers, people can experience both dance (salsa, zumba, tango, and more!) and food here!


Image Courtesy: Dona Aideau

Here’s what we tried out –

Potato-Cheese Steamed & Pan Fried Momos

These momos truly capture the perfect blend of flavor. Hands down the best momos we have tasted in a long time, both the steamed and pan fried variants taste simply divine. Get ready to be popping momos one after the other! We also tried Veggie Steamed & Pan Fried Momos, which are decent, but the potato-cheese option is too amazing to get past.

chocolate momos

Chocolate Steamed Momos

If you have a sweet tooth, you might just appreciate some chocolate momos, which also carry a tinge of coconut. An interesting creation, indeed, but only for those of you who really do have a sweet tooth.

empanadas de viento

Image Courtesy: Dona Aideau

Empanadas De Viento

We found a stuffing consisting of cheese and chopped onions and an outer topping of powdered sugar pretty innovative for empanadas. But, again, similar to the Chocolate Steamed Momos, this is more of an acquired taste.

cucumber lemon juice

Agua Fresca

Although the proposition of a cucumber lemon juice might seem odd at first, you’ve got to believe us that it tastes simply brilliant and fresh. Don’t go for the usual suspects (coffee and tea), try this and you’re bound to feel refreshed.

Other veggie dishes certainly worth a try are the yummy Aloo Tarkari and Spinach Dip!

For those of you just looking for a place to chill at for WiFi, Traveler’s Cafe is offering 1 hour of WiFi for just Rs. 30, and it comes with FREE coffee!

Well our dear fellow veggies, next time you find yourself in the picturesque land of Pondicherry, be sure to head over to Traveler’s Cafe for some potato cheese momos and agua fresco! And, while you’re there, check out their dance workshops, too, to help you burn off those calories, because we can guarantee you’re going to go overboard on eating upstairs!

To learn more about Traveler’s Cafe and La Casita, visit their Facebook page at

Travelers Cafe / La Casita is located at 147, Eeshawaran Koil Street, Pondicherry 605001, India